Our Services


Does your home need an update? Have you considered moving because you feel like you have outgrown your current home? Does your house just leave you wanting more? If so, our professional and reliable remodeling services are the perfect solution for your woes. Remodeling your home is the perfect way to restore your property to its glory days or transform it into the new functional space that you have always dreamed of. Additionally, remodeling adds property value to your home. [ Read More ]


Tree Services

The landscaping of your home can add curb appeal and character to your property. Trees are a great way to add bold features to your landscaping plan and, depending on the type of tree, can provide you with shade, fruit, or beautiful seasonal flowers. At Foundation Farms Enterprises, we want to help keep your property’s trees looking maintained all year long so that they continue to provide your home with beauty and function. [ Read More ]


Professional landscaping can give your home a polished and welcoming look, while poor landscaping can damage your home’s curb appeal. Our company makes it easy to obtain a beautiful yard. At Foundation Farms Enterprises, we offer professional and reliable landscaping in Orient, OH, and we can keep your property looking healthy and well maintained. Our company offers a full range of landscaping services and will create the perfect solution to even the most mismanaged lawn. [ Read More ]

Hauling & Trash Removal

Accumulated far too much stuff? Whether cleaning out your basement or garage, you don’t need to worry. Give us a call, and we will come over, load it up, and haul it away. We have customers who have apartments and homes where people have left everything, and we come and clean it out. We are also happy to change the locks and prepare the property for winter so that the pipes don’t freeze. [ Read More ]

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